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Permaculture immersion 8th - 10th February

The much requested and awaited event is here. Whether you need to spend 3 days out relaxing in nature and yet learn and be productive or you want to jump in and get inspired to start creating something sustainable, this immersion shall hold that space for you. We shall cover the basics of permaculture design and experience myriads of designed examples reflecting the principles at work. We shall also hold some space for group work and self reflection within Nature.


This will help us release what does not serve us for own growth while apply new methods embracing positive creation. We will share observation skills and communicate through play while absorb Nature’s productive energy.

DATES: Friday 8th - Sunday 10th February

Why Permaculture?

In a nutshell, permaculture is the conscious design of landscapes for the benign integration of biodiversity which includes human habitats.

True sustainability needs symbiotic relationships between different life forms ensuring a progression and ability to enhance life rather than degrade it. This is reflected in the diversity and resilience of nature.

Permaculture is a design science which elaborates on this philosophy to produce prolific, abundant and productive systems ensuring true sustainable development.

Bahrija Oasis is a research and development project promoting permaculture and agroforestry systems. It integrates green technology such as solar power, aquaponics and drip-irrigation with intelligent design to maximise and further its efficiency while serving the holistic cultivation of a Mediterranean forest.

Introduction to Permaculture workshop 2019


15.00pm Site acquaintance and setup

16.30pm Tea

17.00pm Introductions

18.30pm Dinner

20.00pm Video/slides on a permaculture topic


8.00 Breakfast

08.45 Introduction to permaculture (Ethics and chicken pattern understanding) presentation 10.00 Tea

10.30 Understanding microclimates & relationships

12.00 Observations exercise (walk about and observe: observation skills)

13.00 Lunch

14.00 Looking at compost. Presentation and hands on work

16.00 Tea

16.30 Patterns in Nature

18.00 Dinner

19.00 Video on permaculture (dome)

20.00 Sit by the fire (weather permitting)


08.00 Breakfast

08.45 Principles of Permaculture / zones and sectors in design

10.00 Tea

11.00 Water in the landscape (understanding ecosystems repair with hydration)

13.00 Lunch

14.00 Urban design for cultivation: Aquaponics systems and small scale gardens

15.00 Certificate award, tea and wrap

Guest Infrastructure


Built in the setting of a treehouse, the bush kitchen provides facilities for vegan and vegetarian food preparation. We strive to cultivate premium pesticide-free vegetables which together with our wild herbs are freshly harvested and served on the premises.

Geodesic Domes

Geodesic domes combine circular structures with hexagons, both of which can be observed within nature’s life-conserving designs. Beautifully-built, welcoming and blending into the surroundings, the domes provide space for lectures, meetings, group activities as well as overnight stays by participants.

Hobbit Dome Bunkhouse

Nestled under the Earth just like the Hobbit’s is our dome bunkhouse with space for 6 people to share the space comfortably and learn from the permaculture experience.

Composting Toilets

Our system of composting toilets are also referred to as humanure toilets. These toilets require no water for flushing. While looking like regular toilets, easy to use and hygienic, they retain the waste which is turned into compost. On a larger scale such systems have the potential to save significant amounts of water and energy.

Valley View Shower

A beautifully-made repurposed wood and glass shower with a view of the wild Bahrija valley. Hot and cold water is available which then gets recycled to water the nearby trees. Only biodegradable, natural soaps can be used here.


Below is a basic financial cost breakdown for the above tentative workshop agenda.

Costs include all food and accommodation as described.


Bahrija Oasis has 2 Geodesic domes with 1 double bed in each and 1 Hobbit Dorm bunk house which sleeps 6 persons : 2 single beds and 2 sets of double bunks.


Camping price (BYO camping gear: no tents larger than 3 pax due to weather & space): 200 euros per pax

Hobbit dome bunk house price: 240 euros per pax

Geo-dome (can only be booked by couples or pairs willing to share a double bed): 300 euros per pax

To book your place one needs to deposit a non refundable 50 euros fee. The rest will need to be paid with your registration upon arrival. (Deposit details will be shared via email

We do our best to keep financial costs to a minimal. Once our basic costs are covered, we usually give participants the chance to value the investment in the experience. This is a totally free choice and optional opportunity for the group participants (should they wish so after their experience) as to gift beyond covering our minimal costs.

This way we allow participants to become part of the larger project by freely contributing. The contribution helps us continue our work further depending on what project is being undertaken at the time. We like to keep people updated as to what we are working on should they wish to.


Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you with more information on payments soon.