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Permaculture is the way for human societies to integrate back with nature.
It’s a positive design system for communities and individuals to reach their higher potential for the transformation of the planet.

Your generosity enables us to direct our energy and resources into continuing to create more harmonious projects that integrate human life and biodiversity of the planet. Some examples of where donations are directed include providing scholarships for land custodian training programs, purchasing land for conservation and restoration, creating eco villages enabling people to engage life with nature and re-establishing indigenous knowledge.

Consider leaving a living legacy?

We deeply honour the ones who wish to leave a positive legacy – one that restores the Earth and indigenous wisdom, cultivates healing through nature, and positively influences human consciousness. This is a unique way to put forward your values into the future and help insure that stewardship of these essential qualities continues for generations to come.

To learn more now about leaving a Living Legacy to Permaculutre Malta, please email us.