We have many request from people and groups to have a quick peak into our Oasis, thus we have created the opportunity to allow for such. This usually comprises of an approximately 2-hour visit, with an organised tour around the farm while looking at the important living elements that are in place.


This event needs to be pre-booked in advance and ideally have a group of about 10/15 people.




Spending a day out on a nature farm might sound quite a romance for many of us living the busy urban life. We have become very disconnected from nature and a brief recharge out in nature works wonders for many people. Some would love to get their hands in the soil and feel the earth, while others are quite happy to kick back and just smell the flowers allowing the fresh air to tingle their body. Whatever your vibe, we will welcome you with some fresh bio snacks (mostly from the farm gardens).


We will show you interesting aspects and living systems from the farm while allow you the time to soak the clean energy in.


A healthy lunch (produce from our gardens) will flavour the day and the rest will follow.



We understand how time constraints limit the ability for employees and groups to deepen their harmony between themselves and how this can impact long term on the fruition and productivity of companies and groups. We also understand that many groups have very limited access to diverse natural environments.


At Bahrija Oasis we are offering solutions to these challenges  by making the space available to groups and designing experiences around team building and self-development. We work with a network of communication experts, yoga teachers, ecosystems’ managers and nutrition specialists to create tailor-made programmes that have far-reaching effects which will inspire creativity and stimulate initiative.


We use permaculture principles which empower us to find solutions and resources everywhere around us.


Here is where you understand that you need to sleep over it!!! It’s just not enough of a good thing before you wake up in the morning and find yourself within the dream. An overnight stay at the farm gives you the ability to experience the rhythm of day and night. Depending on the season, one will experience being cocooned from the wind or open to the stars listening to crickets. The farm has its own magic and one really needs to unplug and immerse in it in order to really understand this dimension.


Over the years, we have hosted a number of workshops on various subjects such as: Permaculture for the city, Grow your own, Creating a forest garden, Composting, Permaculture design, Building compost toilets, Re-connect to the wilderness, and more.


We can also offer the space for hosting tailor-made workshops of your choice.