If you see a task, it's yours.

If you have a problem or issue that needs communicating, then call for a sharing circle to allow safe space to speak to the source, and not create gossiping.

Be impeccable to your word.

Never assume. Success, greatness, breakthrough, liberation and overall peace are all at risk when we assume.

Don’t assume it’s a simple task and others should just “get it".

Don’t assume asking for help will harm your credibility.

Don’t assume gossip is accurate! Better yet, just stay away from gossip.

When walking around the land, be mindful of the pathways and micro climates under your feet.

No smoking on the farm. If people are smoking, ask them kindly to smoke outside the front main gates and to distinguish their butts in the bucket provided at the gate.

Be mindful of noise/sound pollution. When on the farm our voices carry across the fields, so be mindful of this when feeling the need to shout out for things. Also, the random playing of loud music is not allowed (unless there is a specific music event, jam, gathering).


Be mindful of light pollution. We do not have big lights on the farm and let the stars and moon shine instead.


When the compost bin is full and you see this, please take the role of cleaning it. When you have cleaned one, please leave outside to dry completely. Then set the second one up for use.


Lock the gate at night if you find it open.Please park somewhere on the other side of the farm. DO NOT obstruct any entries or pathways. Better to park slightly up the hill rather than at the bottom. Walk through the path alongside the bamboo trail.

Please do not enter Peppi’s room unless invited or requested to do so by Peppi. Zulu is the farm dog. 

Treat him with love and care and do not feed him unless it has been agreed to do so.


Kitchen tap water is potable. We suggest filtering it for a better taste. All other taps at the oasis are rainwater that is not suitable for drinking purposes.

Wash and dry all that is used and put away in the relevant places.

If you see that something has been used up, please add it to the shopping list.

Close the door when finished using the kitchen, especially at night.

Keep food containers and compost bins closed, and immediately clean surfaces after use to keep mice and insects away.


The compost bin needs to be emptied every two days or when it is full.


Check the water filter when in the kitchen and always fill up if needed.


Always leave the kitchen as you would like to find it - clean and ready for use.


If you wish to store your own food in the kitchen, use the box marked with the name of your accommodation (North dome, Rock dome, etc).No cooking or preparation of meat or fish. This is a strictly vegetarian kitchen.


Switch the lights off when not in use.


Leave all footwear outside the door or in the porch (entrance).

Strip the bed when leaving and take the sheets to the Kitchen area.

No smoking in the dome whatsoever.

No candles inside the dome. They are a serious fire risk in this dry environment.

Please be sure to close the door at night to prevent mosquitoes entering.

Treat the domes with respect and love. Keep clean. A lot of work was put into building them, and with the right care they can keep hosting people for a long time.

No chemicals in the shower or sinks. Please use only biodegradable, natural soaps.

If you would like to support PRFM Permaculture Research Foundation Malta with donations to help keep the Oasis alive and thriving, please do so here:


These are composting toilets that recycle your waste and turn it into nutrients for the soil. They do not take water for flushing.


Please ALWAYS SIT DOWN when using the toilets. If you wish to pee standing up, please do it outside near a tree.


Use as a normal toilet using minimal toilet paper (throw the toilet paper inside the toilet).


Throw in a cup of sawdust and close the toilet cover. Wash your hands.


Please keep the toilets spotlessly clean and take action immediately if things are in anyway not super clean.


Always close the toilet lid and close the main door when ready.


Switch off the lights when done.