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24-26 May

This is a 3 day event for men to come together and find space to be. The unique space will hold support, inspirations and circles of connection with Nature & each other, help men raise their awareness, provide systems of empowerment, share super foods, (both grown on the farm as well as others that can be purchased and used regularly for health optimizing), practice breath-work for calmness and well being, share meditation as well as get our hands in the earth through some permaculture practices. This event will also offer movement, animal locomotive exercises to promote improvement in bodily functions and a music jam for the tribe to connect with each other on various plains. We will also hold a sharing space to share thoughts and feelings and reveal our authenticity in a safe space.

If interested please email Peppi on for more info. The costs will be shared to cover food and accommodation expenses and allow offerings towards the space, maintenance and other events.