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'our objective is to lead individuals and groups to a lifestyle of greater resiliance and sustainability'

Peppi Gauci

Set up as a non-profit and registered with the Commissioner of Non-Governmental Organisations in Malta (VO 448), the Permaculture Research Foundation has the following aims:


To encourage and reward ‘practical positivism’ through effective design in good land-stewardship.


To establish working solutions on creative projects with education on permaculture design, agroforestry and a resource-based culture including various forms of media.


To provide working models that use the land to harness rainwater, wind and solar energy, while growing nutritious toxin-free food through creative permaculture design and advocating such models for future developments.


To establish models that maximise the benefit gained from space and earth while enhancing and embracing nature as its prime example of design, inspiring art and energy provider.


To use these working models as the basis of study for combating issues of food security and desertification, for achieving cleaner air and restoring biodiversity while educating through hands-on activities of students, teachers, permaculturists and artists from various fields.


To bring together ecological designers, urban planners, artists and students with interest in green issues and solutions and to share events and projects across Europe and other countries.


To support future models of applied permaculture design through a number of facets including but not limited to urban and rural artistic models that can inspire and support emerging sustainable cultures.

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Peppi Gauci holds an MSc in Architecture, Advanced Environment and Energy Studies, (AEES, University of East London) Center for Alternative Technology Wales. He is also a very experienced permaculture drylands designer and teacher. Peppi has worked on a number of projects from Australia to Bali, Malta & UK. He has taught numerous courses to a wide range of students from different backgrounds and walks of life. He is also the founder of the PRFM and has been designing and tending to Baħrija Oasis for the last 14 years.

PRFM Founder and Permaculturalist



With a Geography background and years of experience in publishing, marketing and writing, Greta supports PRFM by finding the most efficient yet meaningful ways of communicating the vision and work of the Foundation. She also works with Peppi, Simon and a wider circle of engaged humans to map out the work of the Foundation and hold steady to the vision whilst weaving in tangent projects that work to further it.

PRFM Co-administrator, Documentationist



Simon is supporter and communicator and his skills in this field are a great contribution to PRFM. Over the past 10 years Simon has been mentoring individuals, facilitating retreats, workshops and talks on self love, transparent communication and emotional release. Sharing his passion for life in festivals, schools, corporations and independently.


He has gained many skills for living from his varied background of crime, to professional actor, personal trainer, project manager and now speaker, author and facilitator. Simon was introduced to Peppi in 2013 and was instantly fascinated in Permaculture, its principles for living life in harmony with nature and its ability to support humanity’s evolution. Since then he continues to learn. His skills fit perfectly in the social aspect of permaculture.

PRFM Co-administrator, Communication & Truth Officer