A permaculture workshop with Peppi at Earth Garden Festival.

The Healing Fields at The Earth Garden Festival Malta this year will have the Theme of 'The Age of Reunion'.

For me this poses this question as to 'What is there to re-unite? Which areas in my life have been neglected? Which areas have suffered separation? Where do I need to put more energy so that I feel more whole? How can I contribute to more united experience in life?

When I separate these questions and identify potential solutions for each challenge, it brings me back to a resilient plan. A plan that however complex it might become, there is always a way to simplify it.

Permaculture philosophy and knowledge has always helped me build my plans and my actions as well as stay inspired and overcome the illusion of separation.

I will do my best to share inspiring insights in the next workshop I have been invited to on Sunday 3rd June at 12.30pm. Below is the link:

The next workshop shall be held at the Earth garden fields on Sunday 3rd June. You can follow this link for more info:


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