Zone Zero out...a permaculture's way of zoning in to our intimate space.

No Matter where you are, there is always a rainbow not too far over your shoulder. Even in the desert...well, the one in the picture is not a real rainbow, but you get the gist: sometimes humans create rainbows too. Depending on how far you've watered your zone and if there has been a light breeze or a steady wind gust, the rainbow's spectrum gets denser or lighter. Water and light....two of the five elements of creation itself.

Sometimes we are too busy with clutter and forget the elements of life itself.

Zone Zero Out is a fun workshop that aspires to invite you to explore your intimate spaces and the relationships that you have within. In other words, in permaculture wording; Zone Zero is where you manage yourself and your regular activities: Here you are the emperor, the engineer, the farmer, the operator, the pilot, the guide and the voyager too.

Lets sit together and explore how permaculture principles can help us organize the chaotic frequencies into a meaningful Zone so we can expand out in other Zones with confidence, trust and ease and who knows....maybe even a rainbow?

Note to attendees: You shall participate!

Create your Zone...

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