As the vision takes form

And as another summer approaches it's end, we find ourselves welcoming the first rains, the thunder, lightning and fresh winds from the north.

After the hot summer days, which goes without saying are at times tough and challenging to work in, the first storm usually comes bringing its blessing. We start to see a number of little green patches of wild sprouts everywhere, snails come out to feast and mate together, clouds gather electricity ready to charge, and once again this year we have been blessed by a number of helpers from the UK, Germany, Italy, Hungary as well as Taiwan.

While I would like to express my gratitude to all of our helpers who have contributed with love to our Oasis as well as receiving it's bliss and stamp of serenity, I am also super excited to share a little video that our resident volunteer Margerite Febbrari has filmed and edited these last weeks in preparation for The Bubble festival workshop which I shall be giving on Saturday 21st September at 13.00 hrs.

The link for The Bubble website is here:

The facebook page is here:

Timetable for all the workshops at The Bubble festival 2019....see you there!

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