Investing in Sustainable Permaculture Design for Farm Resilience

Permaculture is a living metaphor that offers concrete possibilities for those leading conventional lives and yet struggling with contemporary existential dilemmas around climate adaptation. On finding ways how to live that are sustainable and respect planetary boundaries and limitations. Permaculture poses a concrete alternative to our style of living, inviting us to make changes that are essential, sustainable, and embracing of the ecosystems where we live - as our common home, instead of living in hostility towards our own habitat. Permaculture invites us to take a closer look at how we live within our communities and societies, inviting us to live better lives and harmonize our relationships through understanding symbiosis.

On a permaculture farm no plant is an invasive: behaviour of intensity of plant genus is indicative to ecosystemic functionality and reparative systems over time , on the long term plants learn to live in community through achieving balance, together creating forests of various diversity scales. At Baħrija Oasis men and women, irrespective of their gender or sexual orientation tend to the fields, to the plants and trees that grow there. They tend to the seeds, to the bees and to Zulu (the dog) as well, which makes Baħrija Oasis a little ‘secret’ paradise-garden tucked in the rugged rocks on the cliffs on the Maltese Islands.

It may all sound very utopic, and yet a permaculture farm is far from an abstract ideal. It requires hard work, commitment, dedication and also financial investments. Permaculture rests on three main ethics which are; Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share. Baħrija Oasis is a living witness, exhibiting real possibilities of how a life lived based on these three principles could look like. The Oasis shows that it is possible to live from the earth without exploiting its resources, but rather through cultivating and co-creating the conditions for abundance for oneself, others and future generations. Baħrija Oasis is dynamic resilience, always moving within and towards creativity.

The EAFRD funds through the Young Farmers Project (Measure 6.1) is presently financially supporting this small permaculture farm to upgrade its operations and improve its agricultural production. While upgrades are being implemented, these are carried out in full respect to the permaculture principles that the farm strictly adheres to, reinforcing its ethics and principles. Thanks to the EAFRD funds, Baħrija Oasis can continue with its transformative educational programme, that of being a living witness of how life looks like when lived within a healthy productive ecosystem.

“The garden is the only living artwork that men can do, and in which the walker enters an experience that transforms him by returning to his own origins.”

Fernando Caruncho

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