Lotus Room Ecological Yoga Retreat

25th-27th September 2020

The Eco Yoga Retreat 2020 is a unique retreat by the Lotus Room in collaboration with Bahrija Oasis Permaculture Farm. Here’s an opportunity to dive into the essence of Being in Harmony with Nature. Connect with your deepest Self and Mother Earth with yoga and meditation practice while learning about sustainable living.

The lush Bahrija Oasis permaculture farm, located in beautiful and remote Bahrija, is the perfect setting for this yoga retreat. The basic facilities will help you ease right into simple and natural living that elevates the soul. The eco yoga retreat will include yoga, meditation and sound journey sessions, permaculture workshops and time for reflection.

The eco yoga retreat 2020 with natural sustainable living is all about connecting to nature, sweet sunshine, wonderful views, star gazing, hammocks, serene sleep, yoga, meditation, workshops on sustainable living and permaculture, and vegetarian food straight from the land.

Relax and recharge in a serene setting, learn about sustainability and how to grow food, and deepen your yoga and meditation practice. At every step of your journey, we ensure that you and the environment interact in natural harmony for a truly organic experience.

What to Expect

The intention of this retreat is to restore your body and mind to balance so that you may come into harmony with the flow of nature, as well as the rhythm of your own soul voice and live in an authentic state of peace, wholeness and integration.

Our bodies are made of all the elements which make up life – the food of the earth, the sacred water of our primarily fluid body, the metabolic and electrical fire of our cellular body, the air which is the breath of life and the space which pervades our body.

During our retreat, we will awaken the elemental body as we focus on honoring and embodying the element of earth. In vinyasa, focusing on the earth element is important for the re-embodiment and connection to the natural rhythm of the earth. The yoga poses will redistribute excess mental energy throughout the body, allowing the body to feel gravity in all poses – enhancing the grounding, one of the qualities of the earth.

Sample Schedule

Below is our (TENTATIVE) schedule for our yoga retreat. Please note that timings may be changed according to dynamics and weather.


15.00hrs Site acquaintance & setup

16.30hrs Tea with fresh herbs from the garden

17.30hrs Opening Circle & Yoga Practice

19.30hrs Dinner

21.00hrs Sound Journey


07.30hrs Morning Yoga Practice

10.30hrs Brunch

11.30hrs Orientation into Permaculture Workshop

14.00hrs Free time

17.30hrs Yoga Practice

19.30hrs Dinner

21.00hrs Sound Journey


07.30hrs Morning Yoga Practice

10.30hrs Brunch

11.30hrs Closing Circle

About Bahrija Oasis

Bahrija Oasis is a research and development project promoting permaculture and agroforestry systems. It integrates green technology such as solar power, aquaponics and drip-irrigation with intelligent design to maximise and further its efficiency while serving the holistic cultivation of a Mediterranean forest that includes pesticide-free gardens, an apiary and a compost hub.

The setting is in the picturesque valley of Bahrija, which hosts a number of native trees, shrubs and endemic fauna. The project is based on 3.5 acres of terraced land in the valley.

Prior to the commencement of the project in 2003, the land was in a degraded state and exposed to the elements of wind and rain runoff with consequences of soil erosion. Today the project displays a healthy and productive managed ecosystem.

Ecological Amenities

Starlit Accommodation

The available accommodation is straight out of Hobbit world. All buildings are removable and made of sustainable materials. Discover the geometric wonder of geodesic domes, the sweet comfort of hobbit holes and all the other brilliant accommodation options at Bahrija Oasis.

Vegetarian Food

A delicious, varied vegetarian menu with ingredients picked straight from the land you live on – it doesn’t get any better than this. The whole foods and super nutrients will leave you feeling nourished, strong and full of energy and vitality. And you learn how to grow your own food so you can continue to reap your own harvest at home and sustain that energy flow!

Electricity & WiFi

The Oasis runs on solar energy. There is sufficient capacity for daily needs, however we need to make the best use of it. Please only bring essential and low-energy electrical items, and charge during late-morning hours when the sun is at its most powerful. Hair dryers and other high energy consumers cannot be used.

Basic WiFi is available at the gazebo and kitchen, and may not be fully accessible from other areas. WiFi is available for basic use (email, etc.) until around 10:00 pm.

Toilets . Showers . Toiletries

Our system of composting toilets (humanure toilets) require no water for flushing. While looking like regular toilets, easy to use and hygienic, they retain the nutrients in human waste and turn that into compost. Please make sure you follow the toilet use directions and keep them clean. If you notice anything that needs attention, please let us know asap.

The shower is made of beautifully-made repurposed wood and glass, and offers a view of the wild Bahrija valley. Hot and cold water is available, which then gets recycled to water the nearby trees. Only biodegradable, natural soaps can be used here (e.g. olive oil soap).

Price: Dome shared accommodation 295 euro per person single supplement an addition of 295 euro

Hobbit House shared accommodation 245 euro per person (FULLY BOOKED)

Payment: A non-refundable deposit of 100 euro is required to secure your reservation. The remainder of the payment is due within 2 weeks of the start date of the retreat.

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