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What our sponsors do for us?

Our sponsors provide the funding we need to employ the resources we need to further our aims. In some cases, our sponsors provide us with professional help and human resources to help us administer certain projects.Our sponsors also help us spread the word, tell our story and be part of the positive change that we live and stand for.

What we do for our sponsors?

We work with each sponsor to find ways to add value to their organization, through association, activity or internal and external projects by the sponsoring organization.

Additional Sponsors value ideas

• Sponsoring a permaculture project in the company’s name
• Company training using permaculture principles as effective metaphors
• We help sponsors achieve a permaculture design project with our guidance
• Inclusion on our website sponsor’s page
• Exclusive visits to our sites


Twelveworks is a design studio based in Malta focusing on web and interface design. Twelveworks is founded and run by Stefan De Battista. Together with a creative team specializing in affordable design projects that range from print to digital / web media.12works have been sponsoring our foundation’s website construction as well as the late designs and related work.We have built a mutual and symbiotic friendly relationship with Stiefnu (The founder) and together we believe we have created a fantastic portal to share our positive works.


Zepp Gauci Films & Websites is a film and website design studio specialising in music, commercial, corporate, promotional, real estate, live event videos and website design and development. Find  out more about Zepp Gauci Films & Websites by visiting our website on


Kuluri have been working with PRF for a number of years. They have sponsored regularwork related with concept advice as well as design works for various websites,posters,course promotion and other. Kuluri is an up-and-coming creative team, set-up in 2010.

The managing partners have been working together on various projects for over 10 years.They have gained experience in all facets of creative marketing communications, productionand design. We apply our industry experience, aptitude and notable network of contacts to helpbusinesses and entrepreneurs better engage with their target audiences. This is achieved throughresults-oriented concepts aimed to promote core business and increase bottom lines.

From design and layout, dynamic website development, and publications, Kuluri offer afull spectrum support to meet the growing needs of our clients. Whether the client is looking forclassic, contemporary or a sophisticated style, Kuluri has the necessary expertise to provide imaginativeconcepts with flawless execution for businesses, artists and non-profit organizations.