Peppi has been interested in natural environments from a very young age. He grew up on the island of Malta, close to the beach and spent most of his young days around traditional farmers and villagers. His interest in living closer to the Earth took him on various travels. In 2001-2002 he worked on a number of permaculture farms in Australia and had the opportunity to explore permaculture at its birth-place. He completed a Masters degree in Advanced Energy and Environmental studies at The Centre for Alternative Technology, Wales and has won a number of local and international awards in environment and sustainability.

Peppi is an experienced ecological designer, a certified permaculturist, alternative farmer, teacher, consultant and also the founder of the Permaculture Research Foundation for Malta. He started an ambitious permaculture project on a dry, windy and arid landscape 14 years ago, which has bloomed the landscape with carefully designed and natural occurring biodiversity that attracted many individuals, groups, reporters, documentary and film makers.

He’s also a pirate surfer…this picture is proof, even if he denies it!